2 thoughts on “Drawing for Ceramic Pitcher”

    1. Wow, from fifty years ago you find me. So, how are you? I heard from Glenn and Clarinet Mag many wonderful things about your success as a clarinetist and teacher. Quite a surprise to see you responding to something on my blog. I was hit by an electric bike on a sidewalk in NYC leaving a recording session at 1:30 a.m. in 2010 and lost nerve control in my right arm. I continued working as an audio engineer and creative artist but could no longer perform. Quite sad, but, hey, one has to keep moving.

      Did you ever run into Eddie Guillery at U of Iowa? He is/was an MD in child nephrology at U of Iowa Hospitals and a former student of mine in Madison. He was quite an accomplished clarinetist.
      Anyway, thank you for visiting and commenting. Best to you and yours,

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