My Crowded Fireplace Mantle

A Selection of my drawings, sculptures, and ceramics on my fireplace mantle.

Sculptures, pottery, paintings, and drawings on my living room fireplace mantle.
Left to Right:
Sculptural Teapot Woman
Sculptural Teapot Sculptural Teapot
Three Masted Bark
The Cry
Last Man Standing
Gryphon Teapot
The Cry Bronze

Against the Wall
Flagon Paint Schema (not posted)
Swimming Dragon Paint Schema
Swimming Dragon

The Cry

The Cry is my first bronze cast sculpture. The very talented artists at Bronzarts in Sarasota, Florida managed to capture 99% of the detail in this very complex piece. Stevan Kuyper was the mold maker and Wayne Dyer did the cleaning, welding and detail work after the pour. They both were excellent to work with and are very knowledgable and informative about the whole process. The Cry is a bronze version of my wood sculpture The Cry. The bronze version is 8″ (20cm) tall, 11″ (28cm) with the granite base. I am currently seeking funding for a 6-foot version and buyers for the smaller version. The mold can support an edition of 20.

The Cry Presentation view

The Cry

The Cry
The Cry
The Cry Detail Head
The Cry Detail Body
The Cry Detail Neck

Recent Ceramic Piece

Porcelain Sculptural Teapot. Sculpture and dress design are original. Handmade using slab technique. Painted using custom mixed Coyote underglazes, sequins are “dots” of slip. Two firings at cone 11. Signed on the sole of her shoe. 15″ tall.

When she won an award at the Art Center Manatee and was on display for a month. I received many inquiries from women asking if I could make a dress like that for them. Also, many asked if she was pregnant. She has a bit of a belly, but I know she is a virgin.

Sculptural Teapot Front.
Sculptural Teapot Back