New Nightbook Sketches

Recently for my nightly sketching, I have switched from pencil (8B) to ink using an ¬†Arts Hybrid Technica 0.3mm pen by Pentel. There’s a certain wildness with all the narrow lines that I’m enjoying at the moment. The subject matter¬†remains at the intersection of sleep and wakefulness where images, (erotic, mundane, and terrifying) meld into a surreal gumbo of lines.

Nightbook 146: Only Her Hairdresser Knows.
Nightbook 145
Nightbook 144
Nightbook 143

Nightbook 142
Nightbook 141
Nightbook 140
Nightbook 139
Nightbook 137
Nightbook 136
Nightbook 135
Nightbook 134
Nightbook 133
Nightbook 132
Nightbook 131
Nightbook 130
Nightbook 129
Nightbook 128
Nightbook 127
Nightbook 126
Nightbook 125

Author: drharris

Composer, Musician, Artist, Writer