Kneeling Woman Porcelain Project

After the demise of the Bouteille de Parfum project, I began work on another large-scale sculpture of a kneeling woman. Here are two views of  the nearly completed piece: (click on images to enlarge)

Kneeling Woman Side (Rear Quarter) View
Kneeling Woman Back View

After much discussion, it was decided I would use the same cartoons from my Nightbook exhibit on this piece as I did on the Bouteille de Parfum except this time I would color them, not just make black line drawings.

Here are three views of the painting in progress:

Kneeling Woman Painting 1
Kneeling Woman: Painting 2
Kneeling Woman: Painting 3

There is still a lot more to paint. I will be adding to this post as more painting is finished.


Author: drharris

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