New Nightbook Sketches

Recently for my nightly sketching, I have switched from pencil (8B) to ink using an  Arts Hybrid Technica 0.3mm pen by Pentel. I’ve also rediscovered my Shaeffer 585 gold nib medium-fine fountain pen.  This pen was a gift from a music composition teacher. For years, even after e-mail, I wrote 90% of my correspondence with this pen. Shaeffer black ink. (Not permanent).

There’s a certain harrowing esthetic with all the dark lines that I’m enjoying at the moment. The subject matter remains at the intersection of sleep and wakefulness where images, (erotic, mundane, and terrifying) meld into a surreal gumbo of lines.

Nightbook 133: The Cuckhold
Nightbook 375
Nightbook 374
Nightbook 373: Not Chicken Again
Nightbook 372: The Devil Plays Violin
Nightbook 29 Mono
Nightbook 371: The Sad Widow
Nightbook 370
Nightbook 369
Nightbook 368
Nightbook 367

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