2019 Sculptures

L-R: Porcelain teapot original design, handmade & painted high fire porcelain. Maquettes: The Cry, Flight, Last Man Standing, Achilles, Solitude, Three-Masted Bark, Dragon.

Besides volume and shape, my abiding interest is in surface and texture. The shipworm distressed mangrove wood provided the perfect surface, shapes, and aesthetic for this project facetiously titled The Diet of Worms.

Story Mask Project

These are colored sketches for a new porcelain mask project. It will be similar to the Mask as Self Portrait project, but are intended to be “story masks.” They are made using Aquarelle pencils, water brush, dip pens and color India inks.

Mask 5 Sketch
Mask 4 Sketch
Mask 3 Sketch
Mask 2 Sketch
Mask Sketch 1